New Website!

Obligatory meta news post to mark the launch of my brand new site!

Quick bit of orientation:

My Services page over on Facebook is now explicitly for consumer-based services. So its not going away, if anything it will become more active, but given the audience on Facebook, keeping folks up to date with my more personal work, (commissions, event coverage etc), in addition to some general blog posts. I’ll continue to monitor this so please let me know what you’d like to see more of (and perhaps less of!).

Talking about business services on Facebook doesn’t really get any mileage, especially due to Facebook’s aggressive monitisation when it comes to business exposure. Here on out I’m focusing business services content toward the LinkedIn network and for the most part moving it off to a different site under a different brand entirely! General hire and information about my services lives here along side the consumer services pages, but I’ve spend the last year developing some very specific range of services I’d like to double down on and so its important that I set that up as a separate entity to keep it streamlined. I’ll refer to my work there on my blog here from time to time, but check out when it launches (March 1st 2017).

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