Mooncake Animation

Here I have been playing with a blend of Illustration, animation and interactivity techniques. Mooncake is a character from the (soon-to-be) much loved animated series, “Final Space”, who befriends the main character, eats planets and is as cute as hell!

This is obviously in no way affiliated, just an homage and some practice with some basic, but fun implementation of interactivity.

Check out the interactive version over on Toast Is On Fire. I drew him in Figma (, animated him using Tumult Hype and used JQUERYGooglyEyes for, you know, the eyes!

Using little interactive devices like this is one of my favourite things to do with web design projects. It can add extra emotion and narrative to your presentation. I’m always looking at and developing techniques for interactive animation and I want to do more just for fun.


One of the main reasons I started Toast Is On Fire with my good friend and collaborator, Mr. Jim Moore, was to have a space to explore little online and digital storytelling techniques. This year I plan to produce some animated web comics, by collaborating with local artists and implementing subtle animation techniques, which move the reader through the story. I’ll be discussing my progress on that project here on my personal blog. Be sure to follow Toast Is On Fire on Facebook to get content as it comes out!

I make photographs, websites and design user experiences.

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