Toast Is On Fire

Just a quick note today to say I’m working on – as I have been meaning to for a while on getting the TIOF website together.

Up to now, TIOF has existed in the ether, supporting only one live project through the brand (Derby Artcast) didn’t really necessitate the need for putting a website together, but as the brand grows to include different types of project and takes on a life of its own, we are now at the point where it makes sense, so I’m putting together a (for now, rather basic), site.

I’ll make another post shortly about the mid and longer term ambitions of Toast is on Fire and the current status of Derbyshire Artcast, but for now I can say that the site will have a simple landing page for each project, as well as general about us / contact and information about how to get involved as a potential future collaborator. The idea is that some future projects will live entirely as integral parts of the site, so it will become more of a content destination rather than reference point for things happening elsewhere!

You can expect to see the first iteration late March 2018 – Follow us on Facebook┬áto get notified!

I make photographs, websites and design user experiences.

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