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Setting your business up is an exciting time, especially when it comes to designing the customer experience and branding! I know going forward I’m going to be producing a lot of different video content which will serve to explain my service offerings or as actual examples of the services themselves, While all those videos will be different, giving them all some consistency goes along way to strengthening my identity in the marketplace, similarly to having certain design rules for blog articles, or using the same profile picture across all social platforms. So with this in mind I designed a short animation which will actually serve three purposes!

Firstly, I can use it as a little call to action / calling card sting at the end of all my video content. From Longer form pieces to camera, right down to short service teasers designed specifically for social media sharing. The next most obvious use case is as an animated version of my logo. Paring the asset down a little by striping out the call to action text at the end, its easy to remove the background and crop down to an appropriate size will mean I have a version which stands alone as an animated logo I can then render as a gif or apng for my websites or perhaps use as part of an intro sequence in a video.

The third purpose actually involves the other two in that it also serves as an example of one of the media production services I’ll be offering, either as a standalone service using a client’s existing branding or as part of a branding design package!

Animated logos are a great way to bring a brand to life and inject a bit of fun and energy into the customer’s experience

I’ll also be including a ton of free extras as standard even with the entry level option (I’ll be detailing these on the new site when it launches next month, so stay tuned!) – Signup to my newsletter to get the details as soon as they are available and get access to that additional launch discount just for subscribers!

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