Band Website – In Isolation

A few years ago I had the opportunity to work once again with Nottinghamshire band, In Isolation. Whereas my previous work with the post-punk trio had been directing Music videos for “Berlin” and “Tears”, I was asked now to design the band’s website.

I chose WordPress to work with as I knew this would offer a user-friendly blogging experience, (the band would want to constantly update with new gigs and release information), whilst giving me the framework to build more specialist functionality like a gig lister, as well as offering the opportunity to merchandise directly through the site, as well as integrate with popular musician e-commerce platform, bandcamp.

One of the perks of being able to help clients across different types of media, is an increased chance of continuing to develop that relationship over time. I get repeat business and the client doesn’t have to make an approach from scratch, but instead has the confidence that I already understand their brand and how we need to work together.

I even got to shoot some promo stills while out on the Berlin shoot – one of which ended up being used as the cover art to the CD release of the track!

I make photographs, websites and design user experiences.

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