Vlog 1 – I Quit!

The first in my new blog series following my journey into self employment (and beyond?)!

I decided to journal my experiences as I go about setting my business up – after all, its already part of the remit of this blog, so extending this out to a video series will both give a richer insight and hopefully provide some beneficial insight into the experience of jacking in the day job and going for a career on your own terms doing something you love.

For my own part, and as I explain in the video, it will really help me focus on what I’m doing and give me that extra kick up the backside to get stuff done – being held to account publicly tends to do that!

The first video clocks in at a whopping (for a vlog), 12 mins and 40 seconds, but I assure you future instalments will be more bite-size in nature! So go ahead and subscribe to come on this journey with me – I’d love to have you along for some moral support!!

I make photographs, websites and design user experiences.

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