Torus Wellbeing Clinic Website

I was recently tasked with the design and build for a brand new site for the newly launched Torus Wellbeing Clinic in Staffordshire. WordPress was a great fit for this project, as it gave my client the convenience of being able to update all the blog content quickly and easily, while reducing the time it would take me to make revisions one the layouts were finalised.

As with many other design projects, I used figma to mock up layouts and share ideas with my client, as it enables real time presentation and discussion as well as true remote working as everything is based in the cloud.

The new site will be launched soon, so I will be posting an update to introduce it, Is now live!. I’m really excited to share that with you as there are many interesting design considerations to pick apart and discuss, but for now you can see the bespoke designed holding page animation I designed for them over at

You can also learn more about Torus over at their Facebook Page

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