London 48hr SciFi Film Competition

This weekend I will be working with some long time collaborators on an entry into the 2018 London 48hr Sci-fi short film festival. I can’t tell you much about it, partially because you don’t find out the details until the morning of the first day of the event!

Whereas in other years with local 24 hour competitions I have largely been on direction or cinematography duty, this year I am turning my attention to the “Rolling edit”. As a Digital Imaging Technician on set I will be ingesting footage as it come out of the camera and prepping it for editing as we shoot. With the heavy time constraints of a 48hr film shoot, this becomes a pivotal role, as the editing process can be an exhausting experience and relies on all the other assets coming together!

In addition to this I am also taking care of a special effects shot for this project, which I’m most excited about! I’ll be sure to post it here once the film comes out with a bit of behind the scenes breakdown to show you how it came together!

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