I’m Back!

Been unseasonably silent these past few weeks – just when I was beginning to get going!!

Fear not though, I’ve been on an amazing trip with my wife around Australia visiting relatives, including an incredible road trip down the iconic, Great Ocean Road… photos to follow? …Of course photos to follow! Here’s a few to whet the proverbial whistle:

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Been insta-storying (is that what we are calling it now?), my life up as well so if you haven’t been following on Instagram (@aaroni_photography), you’ve been missing out!

My hiatus has also meant a little break for the vlog, and I’ve been knee-deep in jet-lag for the past week so I haven’t even returned to that yet – but I shall VERY soon! In the meantime catch up on the previous 8 episodes right here, and be sure to subscribe for more.

My current vlog series (which is also my very first vlog series!), is a candid reportage of my journey to establishing myself as full time self employed, in real-time, pretty much as it happens.. all the highs and lows!

I make photographs, websites and design user experiences.

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