New Website Goes Live! – Torus Wellbeing

I’m delighted to announce my latest web design project has just gone live!

The site launch was successfully timed to coincide with the grand opening of Torus Wellbeing Clinic in Stoke-on-Trent. My Client, Nicola, needed a site which was modern, clean and fresh, mirroring and supporting the values of the Clinic. The brand design was already established, so I was able to design a look and feel which perfectly suited that aesthetic, designing additional elements, like custom Facebook button as we went along.

Nicola also needed a site which was extendable, could adapt as the brand and clinic grew, allowing for more advanced functionality to be co-opted further down the line. The site would also need allow for new content to be added and existing content changed, her and her staff.  WordPress was a natural fit to satisfy all these needs so we decided that would be the best option as an underlying framework. Within WordPress, I created a custom theme, “Torus” for the brand, with new post types for “Practitioner” and “Service”.

With great early feedback from staff and the public, I’m looking forward to working with Nicola to continue to support the development of the site in future, whatever needs may arise.

Torus Wellbeing Clinic

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