Packaging Mockups

Maybe your product packaging wasnt ready, has changed, or otherwise wasn't included in you original photoshoot? 3D Rendered product packaging can also be composited into your photographic assets and key creative, appearing seemlessly alongside the existing photographed product, saving reshoots and embracing your existing assets! Going further, your 3d rendered product or packaging can be placed in any number of environments for context and even animated to demonstrate use and features.

Beyond Photoshop

Photoshop can be a great tool for adding new elements and augmenting existing ones in an image. but there are scenarios where 3D render and composition will work much better, as both the way in which the materials reflect and absorb light in the scene can be simulated for a photo-realistic match.

More details coming online about this service soon! Be sure to check back!

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TLDR (Or why work with me?)

  • Matches your lighting setup
  • avoid logistical hassle of a physical reshoot
  • No physical stock needed - just send the design and measurements!